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The Color Purple


I can think of so many things that are the color purple:  Eggplant, grapes, cabbage, plums.  Wait, why am I only thinking of food items!?!?

Let’s try this again….Lavender, lilac, purple heart, Grape Ape, the Cheshire Cat….oh and how about Barney (gosh I really hated that purple dinosaur).  You get my point here.  But for me this color represents so much more!

Purple combines the calm stability of blue and the fierce energy of red and this color is often associated with ambition, luxury, power and royalty.  I promise you I am not any royal princess waiting to be discovered by her long lost family in a far away land but ambition, YES…I definitely have ambition!  Purple also represents meanings of devotion, peace, pride, mystery, independence and magic!  If you ask Mr. G. he will tell you I am way too independent and sometimes a little too mysterious!

Purple personalities also are gentle and their feelings run deep. We can be very sensitive to hurtful comments from others although we never show it.

But still, the color of purple is much deeper for my family and I.  You see, this color represents strength, hope, fighting and surviving!  The color of purple represents a word that has changed my world, a word that has changed my life and my family’s life…..LUPUS!

The rollercoaster of a ride with Mr. G, my family, the numerous doctors, the crying, the fighting, the hospitals, everything this disease does to my body through joint replacements/issues, lung damage, brain bleeds, chronic migraines and medication side effects there is one thing that is constant….I am a fighter!  Tough times reveal the fighters – We are a family of fighters.

Fighter has taken on a new meaning for me over the last year as I have faced many challenges in my personal life and my professional life but thanks to some super plant based products I’m better than ever and showing the world who I am really determined to be!  Making moments into memories!!

Life is but an Adventure!

Do certain colors have special meanings for you?


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