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Body Art!

However you say it, it all means the same.

Before we go down this path, YES, I have tattoos.

With more and more of the population having tattoos and more of those being visible, it seems many conversations are shifting and tattoos are becoming more acceptable However, there are those that are still very judgmental.  I understand some corporate professions have dress codes in which  tattoos need to be covered.  Those rules are our responsibility to adhere to if we choose to work in these professions, however…..

Tattoos are an expression of you.  Criticizing tattoos isn’t just about the tattoo and the art isn’t your taste, it’s also about making a comment about the person who has the tattoos.  It’s almost like saying you don’t like fat people…. so for me…I’m a little overweight and I have tattoos…double whammy!  OUCH!

I have several tattoos…all but one of them have special meaning to me.  One is representative of me and my two sons, one is representative of my transformation through divorce and lupus, one is in memory of a dear friend and the other….well, let’s just say that one we won’t talk about right now.  Mr. G. has none as he HATES needles but supports my addiction.

My son, LG has many tattoos but the one difference, all of his and his new wife’s are religious themed.  Yet they are judged before anyone sees what any of the tattoos really are, they immediately look at them like they are disgusting people.  Really!

Unless you are specifically invited to do so, no one should comment on another person’s body.  We all should be able to express ourselves in our own way without being judged by other people.

The ugly truth is you will meet people who don’t like tattoos and then the ugliest truth is you will meet people who don’t like YOU just because of your ink.

My question – who gave anyone the right to judge?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and we should never judge a book by its cover!





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